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Motorcar Detailing

the MD of car detail

onsite car detail | at your home | about Dan

Details on fees for Services


* Motorcar detailing will come to you and detail your car at your home, onsite.

* Or dan will detail your car offsite and bring it back all clean and bright!


purpose of motorcar detailing

Dedicating my life to fitness and helping others get and stay fit - it made sense to create Motorcar Detailing because my fitness clients’ cars need care too!

The human body and a car both need ongoing attention and proper upkeep. Owning several British cars since 1984, I’ve enjoyed meticulously restoring and showing

 my current 1979 MGB that I purchased in the year 2000. My fellow British car enthusiast voted me first place at the All British Field Meet

in Portland Oregon in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015 in my car class; the rubber bumper models of MGB's. I love cars!

I find that people like a clean well cared for car, inside and out. Like a clean pair of shoes, you simply feel better when your car is clean too!


The proper approach is taken with the correct preparation, materials & polish with the painted surfaces and know how to detail a car very well!

Whether it be older one stage paint or newer clear coat paints; it takes passion, patience, skill and desire. Dan and MD have what it takes!

Dan and Motorcar Detailing will be professional and friendly, honest and forthright with pricing, with no hidden fees and be prompt in helping you!


My clients cars include: Toyota, Honda, Ferrari, Volkswagen, Range Rover, Chevrolet & Ford

all cars have unique character and style, all of which I can detail

Modern Cars

Ford | Chevrolet | Chrysler | General Motors

VW | Porsche | Jaguar | Mercedes | BMW | Tesla | Audi | Mini

 Subaru | Hyundai | Kia | Mitsubishi | Mazda

Toyota | Honda | Nissan | Lexus | Acura | Infiniti



Super Cars

Ferrari | Lamborghini | Aston Martin | Rolls Royce | Bentley | Bugatti | Lotus

Vintage Cars

MG | Aston Martin | Austin Healey | Mini | Triumph

Sunbeam | Jaguar | Morgan | Land Rover | Lotus

Chevy | Ford | Dodge

7 time First place Winner : Portland All British Field Meet, Portland Oregon

Dan's 1st Prize Winner 1979 MGB Roadster [8 times] at the All British Field Meet in Portland Oregon

and current 1st place holder of the 2016 ABFM in the late MKIII model MG B Class cars


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Fitness In Training | Motorcar Detailing | My Grocery Service are all here to help people!

Thank you, Dan Höering owner of FIT | MD | MGS

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